Can i put lowering springs on stock shocks

2019-09-19 07:48

Nov 22, 2013  This is what happens when you install lowering springs on your car and let your stock height shocks run precompressed for a few months. Stock shocks after lowering springsStock springs and shocks are compatible with each other and quite obviously so. Suspension works by the spring absorbing the shock by oscillating and the shocks then dampen the oscillations of the spring. If you are installing lowered springs, go for the ones with nonlinear spring rateprogressive springs. can i put lowering springs on stock shocks

Mar 06, 2014 You can put some lowering springs on with the stock strutsshocks. I do recommend installing some cc plates and you might need a bumpsteer kit also.

Jan 30, 2010 The adjustable coilovers are in the mid 1000's and the eibach kit with springs and shocks is 600. I don't want just the lowering springs because it will ride terribly with the stock shocks, so these kits sound good since the springs and shocks were made to be that low, but i can't find any info on them hi there mk4 lovers i would be very interested in knowing how low i can go with lowering springs on stsndard shocks with out causing dsmage or clearance problems. There is some one selling 60mm lowering springs off his golf that are 5 months old or a trade for my standard springs (my rears are brand new fronts who knows) if i fit them. can i put lowering springs on stock shocks Oct 18, 2018 How to Install Lowering Springs. Installing lowering springs refers to the process of customizing your car's suspension, enabling it to ride closer to the ground. Reinstall the shock absorber. Put it back into place by going up through the lower Aarm. In many cases the shock absorber will fit through the center of the spring as well

So I'm getting some lowering springs for my car and I've heard you should replace the shocks and struts (don't have to be should if possible). New shocks and struts with lowering Springs? However, I can say I've done a few cars over the years and never had an issue. I just put the stock front camber bolts in full negative and leave can i put lowering springs on stock shocks Oct 01, 2008 if your stock shocks and struts are still good and not worn out, you can put in lowering springs, but it will wear out the stockers that much faster now. If its worn out, spend the extra money for aftermarket shocks and struts. With coilovers, your vehicles entire shockstrut and spring combination are replaced with matched performance dampers and springs. Unlike lowering springs, coilovers offer a much greater range of adjustability including ride height, spring preload, shock damping and rebound. Oct 15, 2010 well the shocks aren't stock but i mean their not like LOWERING shocks or anything. im looking at dropping my can 1. 3 in the front and 1. 1 in the rear. just wondering if i had to buy new shocks that were maybe made for springs or if i could just use the ones i have on it now. Jan 23, 2014 Is it a bad idea to fit 50MM lowering springs to standard shocks on my Log in or Sign up. Overclockers UK Forums. Forums Life Motors everything else is stock. I wouldnt say that you cant just put springs on a 10 year old car and leave the old suspension alone. for some mildly lower springs that may be firmer, this is probably

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