Kalona iowa amish stores

2019-10-16 16:22

We haven't been down to Kalona for a while and just found out that Stringtown Grocery build a brand new store just to the west of the original store. Kalona, just 15 minutes south of Iowa City, is the largest Amish community west of the Mississippi I'm told.STRINGTOWN AMISH GROCERY: Meemaw at the Meemaw Eats blog paid a visit to this legendary Amish store in Kalona, Iowa and posts some superb photos. This is a place Id love to make it to someday and hopefully Meemaw can show me around. kalona iowa amish stores

A little about the Amish The Amish of Kalona, Iowa are a hardworking, peace loving group of people. Midwest Woodworks is a furniture store owned by Marlin Gingerich, an Amishman. Midwest Woodworks offers 100 genuine Amish crafted furniture. It's top quality, with quiet fashion.

Step back into a time when shopping was an adventure and friendly customer service was a tradition. Kalona General Store, where you will find just about anything you can imagine. Plan on wandering the store as you discover hard to find and useful products. Shopkeepers, David& Susan Finley, welcome you to historic downtown Kalona! Take a look at the store from the comfort of your homethen drive. ContactLocation Learn more about Marlin's 10, 00 square ft. store, located in the Amish country of Kalona, Iowa kalona iowa amish stores The Amish of Kalona, Iowa (32 Photos) Posted on March 19, 2014 in Amish Communities The Amish community at Kalona, Iowa is the nintholdest, having been founded in 1846 by Amish from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Therefore if you travel on gravel or blacktop to visit the Amish stores, PLEASE drive slowly and stay to the right, especially as you approach the crest of hills. Kalona, IA (just off Hwy 22) Mon Sat 10 5 pm (April October) Mon Sat 11 3 (November March) Call us at (319) kalona iowa amish stores

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