Short and stocky blue pitbulls

2020-01-18 23:02

WELCOME TO McKENZIES TRUE PRIDE SHORT& STOCKY PITBULL TERRIERS WEBSITE. Blue, & BLACK Terriers, with a laid back loving temperment, bold strong comformation, thick bone structure, wide chest, big heads and beautiful coats with beautiful markings.Types of Pitbulls: know the difference! Coat is thick but short. This breed is found in a variety of colors. The dogs body is muscular, with a square build. For Red Pitbulls click here For Blue Nose Pits click here For Razor Edge Pitbulls click here short and stocky blue pitbulls

Short and stocky. Short and stocky. Visit. Discover ideas about American Bullies Razors Edge Pit Bull Pitbulls have been a point of controversy for quite some time with different people having different views of this pitbull breed. 15 Interesting Facts About Blue Nose Pitbull Terrier

PERFECT structure and movement of a pitbull bully that just craves to be in a show ring. He is the ultimate short and stocky blue brindle pitbull bully everyone wishes they own with ABKC Grand Champion Bloodlines! DIRECT SON OF OUR MUSCULAR BULLY FEMALE POISON! PERFECT BLUE BRINDLE PITBULL BULLY. STUD FEE 1500 Aug 20, 2010 whats the short stocky big headed pit bull breed? im wanting another pit bull but the one i want is the short stocky and the wide headed ones i DO NOT FIGHT THEM i actually take them to class rooms in schools to teach kids pits are not evil short and stocky blue pitbulls Below is a list of Pit Bull breeds that are top 5 in popularity the Chest is moderately deep as well as broad and legs that are strong, straight and thick boned. Its short coat is smooth in texture and comes in shades of brindle. Red nose, no such bloodline, blue blood, a mutt, Old Famliy Reds is a bloodline, nose was later added and

The pitbull puppies will be short and stocky without forfeiting the importance of great structure and movement, these puppies have been bred to have that bully appearance. All of our dogs have great temperaments and do not show any aggression towards people or kids. short and stocky blue pitbulls

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