Accustock action screw torque

2019-09-19 07:43

Sep 30, 2012 Stockmakers will have their recommended torque, if your rifle is properly bedded, torque shouldn't really matter, you just want it torqued enough to hold it in place. Stan pate did an article with his savage model 12, 3 action screws, I believe they just have pillars, not fully devcon bedded.Originally, the Accustock had three action screws. That design was changed after only about a year or so. Newer (and hence the vast majority of) Accustocks have only two action screws. The rear action screw is often hidden under the bottom bolt release button at the front of the trigger guard. accustock action screw torque

Why is it difficult to install the rear action screw into my A17? What is the part opposite of the extractor on my A17? What are the square holes in the dust cover on my A17? Why is the dust cover difficult to put back on my A17? See more What is the torque spec for my action screws?

He came back and told me 3035 inlbs on the action screws and just snug the rear guard screw as it only held the stockaction together. Of course, a little experimentation is always in order as I found out tweaking a pre64 Winchester. I have the Fat Wrench torque screwdriver so getting the proper torque is just a dial in away. Aug 07, 2010 To remove the barrel and action assembly from the AccuStock you need to remove the screw to the rear of the trigger guard and remove the trigger guard. Next remove the screw under the front of the trigger guard and the screw in front of the mag well. savage arms 10 fcpk one action screw torque, savage model 10 stock removal, torque accustock action screw torque Jul 29, 2010 Hi all, I have the 10PC in. 308 with the Accustock. I have had zero issues with accuracy. Like Uncle Mike says, there is a sequence and torque for the action screws and wedge screw. It makes a difference. Is it the best system ever? Maybe not, but it's a good solid system that works well when adjusted and torqued properly.

Increase Torque Incrementally on Rear Action Screw After the group is shot and I am satisfied that I called all of the shots as good shots I will allow the rifle to cool off to about the temperature that the fist group was shot at. I will then add 5 inchpounds to the rear receiver screw and shoot another fiveshot group and allow the rifle to accustock action screw torque Feature s ava g e a c c u s t o c k w w w. a m e r i c a n r i F l e m a n. o r g Unshakable Foundations The Savage AccuStock The Savage Model 110 boltaction rifle has always been a fundamentally Project Savage: Choate Tactical Stock Installation. As noted prior, the Savage 10 Hog Hunter has two action screws. The Accustock and Target Actions will have three actions screws. Savage Action Screw Torque Tuning

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