Basis risk stock index futures

2020-01-19 22:47

To quantify the amount of the basis risk, an investor simply needs to take the current market price of the asset being hedged and subtract the futures price of the contract.FIN 325 ch 20 31MC. Select the CORRECT statement regarding basis risk associated with futures. Basis risk can be completely eliminated. Although the basis fluctuates over time, it can be precisely predicted. The basis must be zero on the maturity date of the contract. A hedge will reduce risk as long as basis fluctuations are positive. basis risk stock index futures

Futures Basis. (In futures trading, the term cash refers to the underlying product). The basis is obtained by subtracting the futures price from the cash price. The basis can be a positive or negative number. A positive basis is said to be over as the cash price is higher than the futures price.

Basis Risk. The uncertainties posed by the above characteristics result in what is known as Basis Risk . Basis risk is the risk that is inherent in all futures contracts and introduces uncertainty of short term outcome to all kinds of futures trading activities; Arbitrage, Hedging and Speculation. In the first analysis of hedging effectiveness of stock index futures, Figlewski (1984) calculated the risk and returns combination of different capitalization port folios underlying five major basis risk stock index futures Basis risk is the risk that the differential between the cash price and the futures price diverges from one and other. Therefore, the farmer still has risk on his crop, not outright price risk but basis risk. The farmer has put on a short hedge by selling futures. The hedge creates a position where the farmer is now long the basis.

Adjusting a Stock Portfolios Beta using Stock Index Futures Beta, as defined in the capital asset pricing model, is a measure of a portfolios systematic risk. When a trader uses index futures to hedge a position in an equity portfolio, they are effectively trying to reduce the portfolios systematic risk. basis risk stock index futures Robert Jennings and David Graham, Systematic risk, dividend yield and the hedging performance of stock index futures, Journal of Futures Markets, 7, 1, (113), (2006). Wiley Online Library Ira G. Kawaller, A note: Debunking the myth of the riskfree return, Journal of Futures Markets, Basis risk is the risk that the value of a futures contract (or an overthecounter (OTC) hedge) will not move in line with that of the underlying it is the risk that the cash futures spread will widen or narrow between the times at which a hedge position is implemented and liquidated. d. basis risk. D. basis risk. The prices of stock index futures D. none of the above. The actions of numerous institutional investors to sell stock index futures instead of selling stocks to prepare for a market decline would likely cause the index futures price to be a. equal to the prevailing stock prices. b. below the prevailing stock Example of Basis Risk in Hedging Assuming AAPL is trading at 391. 82 and its Aug2011 Single Stock Futures (SSF) contract is asking for 392. 53. You own 100 shares of AAPL and wish to hedge your directional risk by shorting 100 contracts of its Aug2011 futures at 392. 53 per contract.

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