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2020-01-21 16:36

NEW Doesn't look like there are any proper SMG charts around with the stocks listed on them, BUT the user loomynartylenny provided some SMG STOCK info they found found in this video You can thank him for this awesome contribution to the Borderlands 2 community, and other contributors inif used on a Dahl SMG, burst count is increased by one recoil reduction accuracy Hyperion: best stock on a nonDahl SMG; if used on a Hyperion SMG, first shot has dra stically reduced recoil accuracy accuracy recovery Tediore: recoil reduction accuracy stock smg borderlands

I have heard alot about these socalled stock guns and i was wondering if anyone would let me know what they are anror if you could dupe me some. gt pavilonn Stock guns are weapons created by modders (like myself) that kill anything in 1 hit, also happens with shields (invincibility). The

Contents[show Borderlands Submachine Guns, also known as SMGs, are a class of light, fully automatic weapons. They tend to have high fire rates, low damage, easily exhausted magazines, and quick reload times. While they can be useful to all four character classes, they are a trademark weapon Jul 13, 2010 Edit: ( ) Now you 'should' be able to simply copy the code and import from clipboard in willowtree! (If that doesn't work then use the hex edit stock smg borderlands The origin of this project (I almost positive that this is the original source anyways) started here in this Reddit thread (Borderlands 2 Weapon Parts Charts) by the author Zikel who gives us these great resources for even MORE things to look for while weapon hunting.

The ONLY text you can swap out are the titlesprefixes& quantity if need be. For, instance you can add the Shredder title for a [x3 multiplier if you wanted. These are onehit kill weapons& infinite shields, so you really don't need to modify these except for aesthetics such as Plywood a low quality prefix that'll make the weapon appear 'golden' ingame with some imagination. stock smg borderlands Jan 18, 2013 Follow me on twitter if you would like to interact or see when I upload new videos and play Borderlands 2 with subscribers: I May 25, 2010 Me and my friend were messing about online killing crawmerax and this guy joined our game and showed us a stock smg, He dropped it and it did 300, 000 damage with a 10. 3 fire rate, He wouldn't let me have it though. SMGs are like machine pistols with stocks. Crazy fire rates and reload speeds, but with more control. And bigger clips. These galleries contain variants with stock5 and mag3 (and some stockless anarchies too). The larger mag4 is preferred by some players, especially for flat damage guns. Welcome to Borderlands Images, thank you for stopping by. We are constantly adding new images to the site, so check back often to see the new additions. If you see something you like, please visit the shop and browse the purchasing options, we have lots of prints, products and gifts available, shipped directly to

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