Efx-a1 stock kit

2020-01-19 13:18

Nov 17, 2011 EFXA1 stock midwestPX pinned Pmag Vltor polymer bipod geissele SSAE on the inside I'm debating taking off some of the stuff on the front and BUIS to lower the weight. Comments on the stock: Solid. A vast improvement over the A2, in terms of feel, cheek placement, looks, etc.EFXA1 translates to Enhanced Fixed Stock, with the A1 referring to the overall length. For people who may not have handled earlier model M16& M16A1s, the length of the stock was a little efx-a1 stock kit

AR15 Stag MAGS EFX Buttstock. Made In USA. M. A. G. S. EFXA1 Stock New dual purpose fixed buttstock suitable for either tactical or sporting use. Provides a better and more comfortable cheek weld for use with optics. Has a small internal storage cavity for the storing of spare parts, batteries, cleaning kits, or other items.

NEW! ! EFXA1 fixed stock from MAGS LLC. It kind of reminds me of the Vltor EMOD stock but not in an adjustable stock. It has a nice sized storage compartment, a thick rubber buttpad and features 2 QD attachment ports. If you need a fixed stock for your AR15 this may be the way to go. Heck, even if you dont need one you might just like the looks enough to go with it too. A new stock does more than replace the factory standard currently on the rifle. It provides additional benefits that include reducing recoil and preventing slippage. This means that your AR15 becomes a more accurate, controllable firearm with overall improved performance thanks to the new stock. efx-a1 stock kit Got a chance to go shooting today and test out my new EFXA1 stock. I have been switching out and testing parts for the better part of 6 months while building my rifle. I am officially done and couldnt be more pleased! Back to the point of this threadthe EFXA1. Initial impressions: The build quality is nice, clean smooth edges and very sturdy feel to it.

Ergonomically Enhanced For A Comfortable Cheekweld; Less Bulky Than A1A2 Stock. Dropin replacement for an A1A2 fixed rifle stock has a wide, sloped comb that provides a consistent, comfortable cheekweld that positions your head for proper alignment with the sights. efx-a1 stock kit EFXA1. I like the EFX A1 stock a lot as well, it is rock solid, comfortable both on my cheek and at my shoulder. I get a good consistent cheek weld. The buttpad rotates from low ready to on target quickly smoothly. CarbonArms 15 handguard Jun 08, 2011 After seeing this thread last week I ordered the 69. 95 EFXA1 kit from Parallax. Their website said kit, to include the stock, buffer, spring, and buffer tube. They shipped me just the stock, no other parts. I checked their website yesterday and the price had gone up 10, but it still said kit . Mar 05, 2011 EFXA1 stock mini review Post by Makarov Thu Mar 03, 2011 1: 04 pm I've been thinking about changing out the A2 stock on my 20 for a while, and have been looking into several types of aftermarket stocks. The Cavalry A1 Stock. Cavalry Arms (now Cavalry Manufacturing) has been producing their modern A1 stock for a number of years. Known as the C1 stock, Cav Manufacturing offers a plastic stock with a few quirks, but overall the stock and components are welcome in a market where fixed stocks seem fairly unpopular. The C1 is a polymer A1 length stock.

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