Stockton california police brutality

2020-01-18 14:32

The diverse crowd included the mother of James Earl Rivera Jr. who himself was shot down at the tender age of 15 by Stockton PD. Dionne SmithDowns has been central to the struggle for police accountability in Stockton and marched alongside other victims of past brutality.Stockton police brutality part of everyday life. By Jamier Sale. Sep 20, 2015. After allegedly jaywalking to catch his bus, a teenage boy was viciously clubbed in the face while pinned down by a Stockton, Calif. , Police Department officer. The officer then shouted commands at the boy, who by this time was stunned by the blow and holding his stockton california police brutality

Protesters accuse Stockton police of brutality. Wes BowersRecord Staff Writer Thursday Sep 17, 2015 at 7: 45 PM Sep 17, 2015 at 7: 46 PM.

I just signed a petition to Stockton Police Department, Chief Eric Jones: Time to take action at the national level against Police Brutality. Thousands of activist bits and bytes are marching forward to build your page! Police Brutality in Stockton California against a CHILD! ! ! ! Share. To be delivered to Stockton Police Department, Chief 3 Responses to Stop Police Brutality in Stockton in Memory of James Rivera, Jr. MediaCommittee April 13, 2012. Second Stockton PD murder of an unarmed man in less than a week. stockton california police brutality A jaywalking arrest attempt by police in the California city of Stockton escalated to the use of force on a black teenager. Video posted Wednesday to YouTube shows a Stockton police officer

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