E75 stock turret

2019-10-17 03:31

Mar 05, 2016  E75 Stock grind posted in General Discussion: Just bought my E75 and was wondering firstly do i use the short 105 or the 88, and whats the best way to play it without the upgraded turretMar 10, 2018 It is possible to bring this tank the heavy Tiger E75 to the heavy line of the Germans, to fill the gap of having a heavy intermediary between the Maus and Tiger 2 King. about that? Don't think there was a name for the Panther with the DB turret. I don't think the 128mm would fit into the E75 turret to begin with. 1 2 The stock AP e75 stock turret

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36 BULLARD MODEL# 75 VERTICAL TURRET LATHE: STOCK# . Make an Offer. X Make an Offer Machine Title HERE will get back to you by phone or email as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest. Send Us Your Offer. Manufacturer Bullard Model 36 Category Boring Mills Vertical Lathe Turret FACE OF TURRET TO TABLE. . 3014 MAXIMUM Jun 14, 2011  E75 turret posted in Heavy Tanks: Ok so i can see that the stock E75 turret is basically a tiger 2s turret and therefore not sufficient. But it does have 28 degrees of turning compared to 20 for the upgraded turret. Along with the same view range and the extra 100 HP does not seem like a e75 stock turret Nov 16, 2013 I love seeing a stock turret on a E75 although I do feel sorry for the poor bastard driving it (for about 3 seconds). Still is in the top 3 worst grinds. I'm finding the M103 worse, and I ran away screaming from the Carnarfon as it died wayyy too easily.

Personally, I found the E 75 stock grind not that bad. The only downside I found was the lack of mobility with the stock engine and the weak turret. I would take the engine first, buy Torsion Bars equipment to equip the turret and take the gun at last. e75 stock turret Jul 17, 2014 E75 problems posted in General Discussion: Im having some trouble with the E75 stock grind. Despite having used the Tiger II to get the second best gun, I seem to be unable to penetrate most enemy tanks, like the IS8, M103, Obj704 etc. Aug 19, 2014 Had the same problem and hated the E75 for a but but once it's fully upgraded its by far the most superior tier 9 heavy. Personally I think you should get the upgraded turret and stock gun as soon as possible as maneuverability isn't key with heavies. Mar 10, 2013 yes u can brawl with a stock E75 if ur enemy dosnt notice that u have the stock turret I'm sorry but this upgrading order is bad. Once you unlock an E75, the first thing you need to upgrade is THE ENGINE, not the turret or the gun. The turret rotates very slowly so any medium tank can outcircle the E75. However the E75 hull traverses slightly faster than both the Tiger II and considerably faster than the E100. Traversing your hull along with your turret helps you keep up with fast enemies if they get too close.

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