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Union Stockyards. The old Bulls Head stockyards, situated at the corner of Madison Street and Ogden Avenue, were opened in 1848, and gave to Chicago its first regular cattle market. John B. Sherman made what was, up to 1856, the boldest venture in this direction in opening the Myrick yards on Cottage Grove Avenue, with a capacityThe Chicago Union Stock Yards Fire started on December 22, 1910, destroying 400, 000 of property and killing twentyone The steer head over the central arch is thought to represent Sherman, a prizewinning bull named after John B. Sherman, a founder of the Union Stock Yard and Transit Company. The gate is a designated U. S. National john sherman chicago stockyards

When he married Chicago Union Stockyards president John B. Shermans daughter Margaret, Burnham became part of the extended Allerton family, livestock entrepreneurs who profited from the shipment of most of the meat animals shipped into New York City during much of the nineteenth century.

John B. Sherman, the publicspirited entrepreneur from Duchess County, New York, is the forgotten man. He retired as president of the Union Stock Yards and Transit Company on January 17, 1900, declaring that he was old and tired and in need of rest. John B. Sherman Born in New York state in 1825, John as a boy went with his father on cattle drives to New York City. About age 30 he moved to Chicago where he subsequently operated the Bull's Head Stock Yards and the Myrick Yards. john sherman chicago stockyards In 1844 Francis C. Sherman, who served two terms as Chicagos mayor in the early 1860s, added two stories and changed the name to the Sherman House. In the Sherman House itself, desk clerk John Hickie and an assistant reportedly saved the life of an ill female guest. offers a doll for sale to a welltodo middleclass family in front

The Union Stock Yard Gate, located on Exchange Avenue at Peoria Street, was the entrance to the famous Union Stock Yards in Chicago. The gate was probably designed by John Wellborn Root of Burnham and Root around 1875, and is the only significant structural john sherman chicago stockyards Sherman stands for a prizefighting bull that was named after John Sherman, one of the founders of the Stockyards. This historical site is out of the way but worth a visit if you are a history buff or interested in the culture and flavor of Chicago's past. The new firm's first major commission came in 1874, when Root and Burnham designed a Prairie Avenue mansion for Chicago stockyards boss John B. Sherman. Over the next few decades, the firm designed dozens of large homes and commercial buildings in Chicago. One of the most prominent and important houses on Prairie Avenue was designed in 1874 for John B. Sherman, vice president and manager of the Chicago Union Stock Yards. Located at 2100 S. Prairie Avenue the house was designed by a new architectural firm in Chicago Burnham and Root. On Christmas Day, 1865, the Union Stock Yarda 320acre facility on Chicago's South Sidewas opened. For many years, Union Stock Yard& Transit was managed by John B. Sherman, a veteran of the livestock industry.

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