International harvester m1 garand stock for sale

2019-12-08 12:36

Description: This used International Harvester M1 Garand is a semiautomatic rifle which fires the. 3006 round. It has a 24 barrel and matte black finish. This includes an EnBloc clip. The bolt, trigger guard, barrel& gas cylinder are Springfield while the receiver is International Harvester.Outpost Armory and Museum specializes in the sale of the highest quality M1 Garand rifles, parts and accessories. We deal primarily with collector rifles and parts. We are also buyer of the above (Garand rifles, parts and accessories). Please feel free to contact international harvester m1 garand stock for sale

This complete wood stock set for M1 Garand International Harvester. The set does not have any metal hardwareonly wood. As you can see it was sanded some time ago and varnished, but proof mark and DOD cartouche remain visible.

Home Reference Section Parts& Ammo Reference Stocks M1 Garand IHC Stock with IHC Metal International Harveter M1 Garand IHC Stock with IHC Metal International Harveter Item# STKIHCJ08 Looking for a M1 GARAND For Sale? Quickly Find an in stock M1 GARAND for Sale at over 1600 Stores, Auctions, and Classifieds in one click! Get the Best Price! international harvester m1 garand stock for sale Used. A fine example of a matching International Harvester M1 Garand. Stock has groove near right rear side of receiver and is numbered in barrel channel. The following Click for more info. for sale. Springfield Armory M1 Garand National Match Type 2 w DCM, CMP

On June 15, 1951, the Ordnance Dept. granted a contract for 100, 000 M1 rifles to the International Harvester Co (IHC). The rifles were to be manufactured at the firms Evansville, Ind. , plant international harvester m1 garand stock for sale IHC M1 Garand One of the reasons International Harvester was chosen to make M1 Garands in 1952 was because its Evansville, Indiana, plant was very far from other armsmakers, meaning a possible nuclear attack from the Soviet Union wouldnt cripple the countrys ability to make weapons. Jun 09, 2014  INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CORPORATION M1 GARANDS. CMP currently has 511 Service Grade IHC M1 Garand rifles (with LMR barrels) available for purchase. The CMP North and CMP South stores will be allocated 64 of these rifles each. The The International Harvester M1 has become one of the more popular examples of M1 genres among collectors because of the receiver variations and its relative scarcity compared to Springfield Armory Garands from the same time period. Occasionally, the Civilian Marksmanship Program periodically has IHC Garands available for sale, the story says.

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