Stock market increase under obama

2019-10-17 03:31

Jan 05, 2018  But that performance falls short of the markets gains during the first years of the presidencies of Barack Obama and the elder George Bush.Stock Market Performance by President. This interactive chart shows the running percentage gain in the Dow Jones Industrial Average by Presidential term. Each series begins in the month of inauguration and runs to the end of the term. The yaxis shows the total percentage increase or decrease in the DJIA and the xaxis shows the term length in stock market increase under obama

Jan 10, 2017  Dow 60, 000? Don't laugh. If Donald Trump winds up being a twoterm president and the market goes up as much under him just as much as it did

Jan 17, 2017  Eight years later, the S& P 500 index has risen to 2, 274 points after one of the great bull runs in stock market history. With Obama as president, Oct 30, 2017  Trump Ranks Sixth In Stock Market Performance Behind Obama And Clinton Everyone is impressed with the performance of the stock market stock market increase under obama Thats undoubtedly an impressive rise and it exceeded the Dows performance under Obama. During the same period under Obama, the Dow rose from 9, 139. 3 to 10, 572, or an increase of about 15

Once the stock market stabilized, it went on to experience the secondlongest bull market in U. S. history, a trend that continues today. The Dow closed at about 7, 949 on Inauguration Day in 2009, and about 19, 732 on Obamas last full day in office. This represents a 148 percent increase over eight years. stock market increase under obama Oct 11, 2017 Of course, the vast majority of those gains occurred under Obama. The stock market more than tripled during Obama's eight years in office as the U. S. economy recovered from the recession. The stock market is up 120. 6 since President Obama took office, the sixthhighest gain for a President to this point in their term. Under former President George W. Bush, the stock market was down over 8 his first year in office and lost 3. 7 by the end of his first term. the Obama administration was correlated with an FactCheck. org A Project of The That was 38, 900 higher than in 2008, an increase of 19. 8 percent under Obama. Other stock market indexes tell similar stories.

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