Table name as parameter in stored procedure oracle

2019-11-11 22:37

4 Developing and Using Stored Procedures. click the Add Column icon ('plus' sign) and specify the first parameter of the procedure. Set Name to evalid, set Type to NUMBER, set Mode to IN, and leave Default Value empty. Similarly, add the following parameters, in this order: nscore is stored in the scores table, and nweight is storedI want to create a stored procedure like this: PROCEDURE PCUSTOMERUPDATE ( pADSLTable IN Table, pAccountname IN NVARCHAR2, pStatus IN NUMBER, pNote IN NVARCHAR2, table name as parameter in stored procedure oracle

I have a small stored procedure below. I am taking the table name as an input parameter to the stored procedure so that I'm planning to insert the data into the temp table and display the same. This is just a tiny code block of my project stored procedure.

Mostly I avoid table variables as input parameters for a stored procedure. Because I do not know how to handle them, but in this case I have no other option. I have a requirement where hundreds of records will be passed on to database from Oracle Agile PLM. How to pass an array to a stored procedure; Breadcrumb. Question and Answer. Thanks for the question, Prem. I want to know if I can have one of the parameter in stored procedure as an array. Ex: I have a procedure procedure employeereport which will store the resultset into a Oracle temporary table and the report will just pull the table name as parameter in stored procedure oracle In stored procedure, one can have table name as mandatory parameter and number of columns as optional parameter. Inside stored procedure, one can pass# Code Snippet 1

Dec 31, 2013 Dynamic SQL: passing table name as parameter. As i understand i can't use ORACLE dynamic sql (execute immediate) when the table name is a parameter Furthermore when i execute this dynamic query in my SQL store procedure each SELECT statement return me as a result the relevant table rows, those result are different in each loop. So i cant do this too with ORACLE dynamic sql. table name as parameter in stored procedure oracle How to pass a tablevalued parameter from C# to Oracle stored procedure. Can you please advise how could I pass a parameter as a table of data to an Oracle stored procedure? Should I use a UDT for this task? c# oracle parameterpassing odp. net. Name Feb 01, 2012 Re: procedure with table type out parameter SFNYC Jan 31, 2012 9: 23 PM ( in response to ) Have a look at this if you have to return a refcursor to a Java app. HOW TO PASS TABLE NAME and COLUMN NAMES AS PARAMETER S to procedure 8. Answers. 0. Favorites. Tech Sign In Page table name and column names as parameters and displays data of that table Oracle Stored Procedures and the XREF Search. I'm trying to do something pretty simple a stored procedure that will take the input and insert them into a table. I want it to take an array of multiple rows and do the insert all at once. I thought this would be simple, but I haven't found an example that shows me.

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