Stock more buyers than sellers

2019-10-14 17:49

Second, there does indeed have to be a buyer and a seller for each transaction to occur. When people say that there were more sellers than buyers, what they really mean is that, at the opening price (i. e. , the price of the stock at the beginning of the day) the number of shares that people wanted to sell exceeded the number of shares thatSo total buyer and seller are different from the buyer and seller at the currently traded price and price of the stock can go up only if you have more buyer than the seller at the current price and vice versa for the stock price to go down. stock more buyers than sellers

Most Of Us Are More Buyers Of Stocks Than Sellers Of Stocks. Nov. 13, 2018 6: 46 PM ET. by: ValueWalk. an increase in stock prices is more of a negative than a positive. The other way of

Mar 22, 2013  Best Answer: It's just a result of supply and demand. Think of an auction. If enough people really want to buy something the will bid the price higher and higher. That's all that is happening in the stock market. On the supply side, if a company released more shares of stock The price depends less on the number of buyers and sellers and more on the number of shares changing hands. Consider a situation where the normal number of buyers and sellers of a share is around 10 (for simplicity) on each side. stock more buyers than sellers Dec 06, 2013 Hi all, just a general question. I have a stock that shows most days that there are more buyers than sellers (actually every day for the past 35 days now) so for example it shows 33 Buyers for 985, 578 units 20 Sellers for 287, 219 Units

There cant be more buyers than sellers. Buyers have to buy from sellers, sellers have to sell to buyers. Buyers can be more interested than sellers and willing to bid up the price and vice versa when sellers are interested in getting out and will accept a lower bid. stock more buyers than sellers The quote from the link you have posted In other words, if the stock is going up (i. e. more buyers than sellers) then its right to buy shares, and similarly if the stock is going down, then its right to sell shares. So when prices rise like that, there ARE more buyers than sellers. The specialists and mkt makers move the price up to reduce the risk of holding the stock they just bought at a lower price. When those buyers disappear, the price comes back down.

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